A picture is worth a thousand words. But some stories need written words to be told properly. I tell my travel stories on my own blog HorizonHunt. Mostly traveling on two wheels, on this blog I will take you with me climbing soaring mountains, conquering dry riverbeds or just taking a break at a beach and tasting the local cuisine. Come along!

I published one of my travel stories, crossing the black sea, in the German book “Abenteuer Schiffsreisen”, which features multiple adventurers and their travels on boats all around the world. The book is all about traveling on the sea, on lakes or rivers, when the wind blows around your nose and adventure rides along. This volume brings pure inspiration for all those who are looking for real adventure instead of all-inclusive cruise rides, captain’s dinner and outside cabins with balconies. On mail ships, ferries, supply and cargo ships to breathtaking destinations. The book brings together unique routes on lakes, oceans and rivers, provides information on booking routes, prepares for the passage in a rousing way and thus delivers a real alternative to regular tourist cruises.
You can have a look into that book an Amazon.